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Aluminum hydroxide obtained from bauxite by the Bayer process, HIGILITE™ has the chemical formula.

Al(OH)3 or Al2O3・3H2O. It comes in white crystalline powder form and has the mineralogical nomenclature gibbsites ( as known as hydrargillite). HIGILITE™ is stable up to about 200℃, but it breaks down into anhydrous alumina and water at temperatures beyond that, to cause a large amount of heat to be absorbed. It also reacts with strong acids and alkalis to yield aluminum salts and aluminates. As can be seen from the table in the lower half of the following page, has a wide range of applications. To fit the specific requirements of difficult applications, it is supplied in four particle sizes: standard, fine and extra-fine. Available for sophisticated applications are also specially processed and high-whiteness grades.

Properties of HIGILITE™


Particle size distribution of HIGILITE™


Acid solubility of HIGILITE™


Thermal decomposition of HIGILITE™ H-10


Thermal decomposition of HIGILITE™ H-42M