Vinyl ester resins excel in terms of strength and corrosion resistance.
Ripoxy® (vinyl ester resin) is a modified epoxy resin. Ripoxy® has characteristics of epoxy resins, such as high strength, toughness and alkali-resistance; but it cures faster, has better curing properties at low-temperatures and lower viscosity than epoxy resins.
This translates to superior workability and resistance to a wider range of chemicals (resistance to acids and solvents). It has good shock absorption and adhesive properties, as well as good photocuring properties and resistance to water.
Ripoxy® is used as a corrosion-resistant material, an electronics material, and in the chemical and civil engineering fields.

  • Ripoxy®(comosion0resistant,high strength, adhesive, photocuring)
  • Ripoxy®flake compound, gel coat, putty


  • Corrosion resistant -Proven performance and reliability
  • Chemical Civil Engineering -Fields with a growing list of new applications
  • High Strength Materials -Lightweight, corrosion resistant matrices
  • Tension members (core material of optical fiber cables) Motorcycle helmets