chloropreneShowa Denko Chloroprene (Chloroprene Rubber, CR) is one of synthetic elastomer which is manufactured via. polymerization mainly of chloroprene monomer.
Showa Denko Chloroprene possesses exceptional resistance to weather, sun, ozone, and abrasion and is good in resilience, gas impermeability, and resistance to heat, oil, and flame, as well as fairly good in low temperature and electrical properties.
This versatility makes Showa Denko Chloroprene useful in many applications such as wire and cable, hose, belts, molded and extruded goods, dipped goods and adhesives.

General Information

  • Product Name: Showa Denko Chloroprene
  • General Name: Chloroprene Rubber(CR)
  • Chemical Name: Polychloroprene
  • HS code Number: Dry 4002.49.00, Latex 4002.41.00


  • Belts and hoses for automotive and general industry
  • Anti-vibration engine mounts
  • Wire and cable, gaskets, boots, seals
  • Moulded and extruded goods
  • Solvent borne and water based adhesives
  • Dipped goods like gloves or balloons
  • Waterproof coatings
  • Foamed sheets for wet suits or laptop covers
  • Bearing pads for bridge or road construction